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Ask These Questions Before Hiring a 2D or 3D Animation Studio In London

Animation offers endless possibilities for advertising and marketing of a brand or its products and services. However, with the constantly mushrooming numbers of 3D and 2D animation studios in London, it can get confusing while making a choice. So, courtesy of our lead animators, here are our top 3 tips when it comes to selecting that talent to drive you forward:

1. Finalize a studio only if you like their work. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the kind of portfolio the 3D Animation Studio in London has on display, or the way they interact with you.

2. Are they good with novel ideas? Decrypt whether they would be able to come up with something unique for your company and not just repeat twisted forms of ideas that have been used already. Clues would include the style, concepts, sounds, and colours in their portfolio.

3. Do their scripts satisfy you? Animation is not just about getting an idea on screen or attractively designing characters or concepts. Effective animation greatly depends on the script too, which means a good team of writers who can truly direct the concepts you wish to highlight.

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